The Horion Interactive Display is not just a whiteboard. It’s a game-changer that will revolutionize the way you work and collaborate.
Nothing will ever be the same.

Screen LG

  • Horion displays are the only ones on the market with LG’s crystal-clear glass
  • Ultra high definition 4K, resolution of 3840×2160
  • Fifth-generation color engine, brightness of 450 cd/m²
  • 4mm tempered glass with AG film
  • Touch protection and anti-glare layers

Android & Windows OPS

  • Operating System: Android 9.0 / 11.0
  • Compatibility with Windows System OPS
  • Compatibility with Google Play
  • Store Office suite for Word, Excel, Power
  • Point Cloud-based remote conferencing
  • Easy note-taking in any setting

High-powered quadcore CPU

  • Dual A73+A53 architecture
  • 64 GB of ROM + 8 GB of RAM for more memory and storage
  • Faster response time

Millimeter-level accuracy

  • High-precision digital whiteboard with 1mm touch pressure
  • Best digital whiteboard software on the market
  • 20-point touch control
  • Accurate touch contro
  • Intelligent writing algorithm
  • Response time below 10 m

Quad-screen split view

  • Wirelessly mirror for easy collaboration
  • Bidirectional control for seamless interaction
  • Easy file sharing with QR codes, U Disks, email, and printers

Unique patented design

  • European design and elegant appearance Ultra-thin frame, 7mm pad depth
  • Strong and stable mobile support
  • Built-in 13-megapixel camera 8-array microphone with echo cancellation and noise suppression


13-megapixel camera with high clarity for high-quality meetings and video conferences on multiple videoconference platforms.


Smooth and responsive performance at all times thanks to the ARM CORTEX A73 processor, 8GB of RAM, and 64GB of storage.


Allows you to share your screen instantly with two-way interaction, controlling your computer from the screen and the screen from the computer. Duplicates any Android, iOS, or Windows device.


The Smart pen is a versatile tool that offers a variety of features, including a floating mouse, pointer, slide tracking, quick access to the whiteboard, and comment mode.


Our interactive screen and digital whiteboard will transform the way you work. You’ll have more engaging meetings and presentations, create more productive collaborative environments, and make your work more enjoyable.

WiFi Dual Band 2.4/5G
Simultaneous use of both frequencies

WiFi Dual Band 2.4/5G
Simultaneous use of both frequencies


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